Composites Embrace Mass Production. (260 ko). Plastics Technology, July 2008, p.64-65.
Article on the latest techniques used in the composites industry for mass production. A glance at robotic solutions introduced by Matrasur Composites in some of its clients' plants.

How to develop composites in Russia. (4,82 Mo). Composite World n°6 2008 (19).(Article in Russian).
Matrasur Composites has turned to robotic developments applied to composite part manufacturing in order to improve workshop performance and productivity. Traditional processes such as release agent spray-up, gelcoat spray-up, resin & fiberglass spray-up, part trimming...can now be carried by robots.

JSC Traidenis - The Long Experience in Producing Wastewater Cleaning Equipment. (1,25 Mo). Lithuania Presents, May 2008, p.18-19.
Article recounting the success of one of Matrasur Composites' clients in Lithuania, the company Traidenis, a water treatment pipe manufacturer.

Robotics makes its mark in the Composite Industry. (572 Mo). Jec Composites Magazine N° 39, April 2008, p.32.
Robotics has made its breakthrough in many industries and Composite Part Manufacturers are no longer an exception. Matrasur Composites stands out as a pioneer in robotic solutions: robotic spray-up of gelcoat, resin, resin & fibreglass, robotic trimming of parts...