Robotics has been introduced in a significant number of industrial sectors and the composite industry is not an exception to this technological progress which clearly allows to increase productivity, improve operator safety & working conditions and achieve significant material savings.
As an equipment supplier Matrasur Composites has integrated robotics as a natural extension to its offer with two families of spray-up robots : ROBOMAT and ROBOSTRAT.


The robot range ROBOMAT offer a unique programming technology based on the reproduction by the robot of all movements made by the operator.
Programming becomes as simple as spraying with a standard machine. Once the movement has been “learnt”, the robot is able to reproduce it endless number of times.
Programming is simple and requires no skilled personnel.
Programming time equals spray-up time..

Robomat Programming
Robomat Programming

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Main advantages of ROBOMAT :

- Easy programming technology at every operator’s reach
- Adapted for small to large size parts
- Flow rate and raw material control possible for each part
- High Return On Investment (ROI)

Spray-up on female mould
Robotic Spray-up on Spa
Tank end spray-up
Pool Stairs Spray-up



The robot range ROBOSTRAT offers advanced spray-up technology based on off-line or peer to peer programming with the help of a simulation software.
The software allows to preview all stages of a program giving the user the possibility and flexibility expected from simple and effective programming.
The ROBOSTRAT range is the perfect robotic tool for complex-shaped parts and medium to highly intense applications.

Main advantages of ROBOSTRAT :

- Excellent accuracy and consistency
- Adapted for high-rate spray-up
- Can handle parts with complex shapes such as parts from the sanitary ware and boat industry
- Offers a wide range of operating spray-up speeds

Off-line Programming