The USIMAT range of robots is based on off-line programming technology. This family of robots is dedicated to the trimming and finishing of composite parts.

Our robots can be equipped with a large choice of tools (drills, mills, diamond discs, etc)  that can be mounted on pneumatic or electric spindles at a very attractive price.

Our robots can be equipped to detect the position of a part in the room (space) with the help of a mechanical sensor or a lazer, according to the configuration.  

Matrasur Composites can integrate a trimming & finishing robot in your workshop with its full environement including a cabin and a dust extraction system.

Silo Cone Trimming
Pool Stair Trimming
Trimming Robot Usimat
Trimming Robot Usimat


Main advantages of USIMAT :

- Large diversity of tools for each application : drill, mill, reamer, diamond discs, etc.
- Safety automatic tool loading with pneumatic or electric power motors
- Part scanning and three-dimensional repositioning in space (optional)
- Positioning of complex parts with the help of a 7th axis that can be either a rotating axis or a linear axis according to the application


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Robot d'usinage